Why Plant a Church in Aura?

Haven’t we got enough churches on the Sunshine Coast already?

Isn’t it a waste of time, energy and money to plant another one?

Aren’t churches a thing of the past anyway? Kind of like LP’s. They worked well for the previous generation – but now – they are SO outdated that half of you reading this are googling “LP” right now.

No, no and no!

We haven’t got enough Bible teaching churches that are passionate about pointing people to Jesus. We can’t think of any higher purpose to use our God-given resources on. And gathering together to celebrate God’s goodness, then scattering to share the good news that Jesus changes lives will never, ever become irrelevant!

Aura needs a Christian church because Aura needs Jesus!

In fact, as the city grows, Aura will need a whole bunch of Christian churches. Sixty thousand people made in the image of God, created to joyfully live for Him. Sixty thousand people who are tainted by sin and brokenness. Sixty thousand people who need God’s forgiveness. Sixty thousand people who need Jesus!

THAT’S WHY we’re planting a church in Aura! Because our community desperately needs to know that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father (God) except through Him. John 14:6

Would you consider joining us in 2019 as we launch Aura’s very first church?

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