PresLife Magazine Interview with Rick

What is your name? Rick Zylstra

If you have a spouse and children what are their names? I’m married to the lovely Rachel, and we have five sons – Brayden (14); Logan (12); Ayran (10); Callan (9); and Lachlan (6).

What is your role at Maroochydore?

I am employed as MP’s Outreach Pastor and as Campus Pastor for the Aura Church plant. Most of my time and energy is going into preparation for our church plant in the Sunshine Coast’s newest city – Aura.

What excites you most about working at Maroochydore?

God seems to be at work! He has brought together a great leadership team, an enthusiastic congregation, and He is giving us a range of wonderful ministry opportunities.

Why did you feel called to this work?

It was really a matter of God weaving a whole bunch of circumstances together, opening a door, and then gently, but firmly, pushing me through it. I’m excited, and thankful, and kinda nervous, all rolled together, but very much feel that this is where God wants me to be.

In what way has God changed you the most significantly?

With me, it has not been so much about radical life changes, but more about God’s Spirit slowly chipping away at me, convicting me, humbling me, teaching me, growing me. I’m a work in progress and will be till I die.

What social issue concerns you the most? (in Australia)

It’s technically not a social issue, but I think that one of the biggest hindrances to the gospel on the Sunshine Coast is “affluenza”. So many people are wealthy, and healthy, and wholeheartedly believe that they are living the good life.  The challenge is to convince people that life on earth is really short, but eternity is really long!

What is your favourite book in the Bible and why?

I’m a big fan a Habakkuk! I can relate to the big “Why, Lord?” questions that he asks throughout the book, and I love the way the book ends with such a confident declaration that God plus nothing equals everything!

When are you happiest?

At the end of a productive day, sprawled on the lounge, Rach and kids all around me, doing family devotions. I’m also very, very happy at the beach.

What song/s are you currently listening to on your playlist and why?

Ha! I don’t get to control the playlist in our house. Hang on while I ask one of my boys.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

a) Blink and you’ll be 41! b) Stop planning to serve God tomorrow, and start serving God today! c) Pray more, analyse less! d) You are so privileged to be growing up in this Christian home! e) Prank calling your minister will not end well for you or your cousins.