Faces of Aura – Ben


1) Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast (Buderim Mountain State School and Maroochydore State High School) and have returned after a number of years of studying and working mainly in Brisbane. I am looking to serve locally as a Chappie in the near future.

2) What do you enjoy doing for recreation?

I enjoy going to the beach for a body surf (though winter is a bit of struggle), bushwalking and in more recent times mountain bike riding.

3) How has Jesus changed your life?

I lost focus on what is really important (a relationship with God) in my early teenage years and drifted into sport, study and work. These things became my world and I tried to find my identity in them. When things were going well, I would feel great, when they were not going well, I would feel low.
I now have a personal relationship with God, by His grace, and I know I am saved from my sins through Jesus alone.
He is the only solid foundation in life. In joyful times and sorrowful times and anywhere in between, living a life trusting in Him, finding my identity in Him, instead of other things, brings a deep joy and peace.

4) What’s your favourite Bible verse? Why?

Psalm 103 is a beautiful passage of the Old Testament. Verses 11-12 describe God’s amazing love for us when we put our in trust Him. All of our rebellion towards Him (past, present and future) will be remembered no more. All we need to do is trust Jesus as our Lord (Ruler) and Saviour.

5) What excites you most about helping launch Aura Church?

Growing in my trust of Jesus with others as a family around God’s word and serving others out of thankfulness for what He has done. Seeing people in the Aura community wanting to have a relationship with God and seeking Him wholeheartedly.